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Lori Matthews

Lori MatthewsSixteen years ago, as a single woman, I moved to Gabriola in search of a simpler, more fulfilling way of life. Today, as the mother of two wonderful children, I am even more thankful to have Gabriola as the place to raise my kids.

I have set course to establish myself as a reputable, forthright agent who places the clients requirements and objectives first. I am anxious and proud to share my love of Gabriola with all those wishing to make it their full or part-time home.

Lori MatthewsAs a parent I can emphasize from first-hand experience the advantages of raising a family in our island environment. This Island truly has something for everyone!

As an avid outdoors person I have first-hand knowledge of the wealth of recreational pursuits our island affords.

Whatever your lifestyle requirements, I am confident our island can meet your needs and I would be very pleased to represent you.


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